The Essence of Man

A lot of my thought dwells on the nature of man, and this really isn’t an easy thing to convey in pictures when one considers the many layers of our physical being, not including spirit/soul and consciousness. Having spent many years doing experiments on DNA, RNA and proteins, and looking through microscopes at other worlds within our tiny cells, I figure a molecular visualisation is not a bad way to layer at least part of the stuff of man. Hence this recent study called, imaginatively enough, the Essence of Man. Hopefully more on this exploration in time to come, especially with some interesting collaborations taking shape with other artists.Essence of Man 2017 (Beric_Henderson) 150dpi


Exploring nature through light art

Nature Child 2017
“Embryo” Lightbox 2017 by Beric Henderson

In 2015 I submitted a proposal to the BEAMS light art festival in Sydney. This was organised by a dynamic lady, Nicky Ginsberg, and became a highlight of the art culture scene in downtown Sydney. Not having worked with light before, I spent 3 months experimenting with light boxes and finally developed a technique that I could manipulate to achieve artworks in light (see a recent example pictured above). I was included in the program and set up 3 large lightboxes in laneways during the 2015 and 2016 festivals and when the sun went down these drew an amazing crowd! Like moths to the flame, people came closer and closer to see the detail revealed in the dark. The process is painstaking. The lightboxes complement my paintings and several will be on display in an upcoming exhibition in Port Macquarie (at Ultragrafik Fine Art) to explore man’s connection with nature.

Nearing one year as a full-time artist!

Nearing one year as a full-time artist!

From Science to Art.

I haven’t written a blog before, but have kept personal journals for many years. My name is Beric and from 1990 – the year I got my PhD in molecular biology – until the end of 2015 I was a professional scientist in Australia and I think quite successful. Now I am a full time artist. The transition, to me, was not really a sudden one, although when it happened it shocked many people, especially colleagues.  I guess I will explain bits of this long process in subsequent entries. But for the moment, I am now a full time creative working in an idyllic environment, a coastal town called Port Macquarie on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. I have my own studio and small art gallery (Ultragrafik Fine Art) in the middle of town and setting up collaborations with artists both in Australia and overseas, much as I did when I was in science. Pop back occasionally as I intend to voice my opinions in this forum on a range of art and science topics, and hoping it will be of interest to people!